Data room comparison: The Top VDR Solutions

Have you Googled and checked what a virtual computer room could be? Is it a software program? Is this something you should buy? What is it for? Do not be afraid. With this brief overview we try to answer your questions. Let’s jump right in.

A virtual computer room, or VDR for short, is a place on the Internet where users can store and share documents. From the feel of the term, you might think there is something new to cloud file sharing, and while that may actually be the case, the term data space is much older than the hype of cloud computing.

Who Uses  VDRs and Why?

VDR is an online secure data warehouse used for data storage and distribution.  VDRs are used when strict confidentiality of data is required.

It has many advantages over physical data processing rooms such as 24/7 data availability from any device, anywhere, security for data management and cost efficiency.

Virtual computer rooms are used in many industries, including biotechnology, IT and telecommunications, investment banking, accounting, government, energy, business brokers, etc. There are a lot of fields where people use them and the count of these fields  will grow in the future. Because each year more and more employers and organisations are getting work on distance.


List Of The Best Providers Of  VDRs

Comparison of top online data room services:

# 1) Provider of iDeals Secure Data Room [BEST OVERALL]

# 2) Intralinks

# 3) Merrill Datasite

# 4) BrainLoop

# 5) Watchdox

# 6) Box

# 7) Ansarada

# 8) Digify

# 9) Firmex

# 10) SecureDocs

The virtual data space plays an important role in the secure management of M&A due diligence, bidding and contract negotiations. This helps streamline and secure the deal management process.


Lets compare virtual data rooms. If we compare virtual data spaces with generic file-sharing apps (like Google Drive), the VDRs are created for the purpose of using thousands of documents. It makes it easier to use VDRs because of its structured directories.

The Generic File Sharing app makes the process more complex when used on a large scale for document sharing. Navigation will also be difficult if used on a large scale. These file sharing services will be inefficient to use on a large scale. With file sharing systems, there is the potential for malicious access to sensitive data.  VDRs are a more secure option for sensitive business data.

File sharing systems are a cost-effective and intuitive solution for storing and sharing functions. This solution has interdisciplinary collaboration functions. However,  VDRs provide more security for data.

It provides several security features for file sharing such as timeouts or automatic expiration, document activity reports and restriction of viewing, printing and storing documents.

The pricing of virtual data space varies depending on the provider. This is similar to the price plans for mobile phones or the Internet. You have to pay the basic fee and then the extra fee can be paid based on the required extra features. Some providers also offer unlimited plans at a predictable price.

Pro Tip: Choosing a data room provider depends on the type of agreement and business process. When choosing a service provider, consider the ease of use, security features offered, and collaboration features.

When choosing an online data room provider, you should also consider the presence of features like apps for iOS and Android devices, customizing designs to match company style, mass upload functionality, user activity reporting, encryption level, project user permissions, recall of access rights and price.