Donnelly VDR Review

Donnelly VDR

Today’s virtual data room providers are delighting their customers with innovative technology that can help with any of today’s business challenges. One such provider is donnelly vdr, which bases its functions on artificial intelligence and is suitable for any type of project or industry. Donnelly’s uniqueness is what has made it so in-demand, VDR can find its application during M&A, fundraising, and other financial transactions, as well as facilitate interaction with your partners and simplify corporate data management. Read more about Donnelly VDR in this article.

General information about the provider

Donnelly VDR is one of the solutions offered by DFIN. This company was founded back in 1983, but its roots go even further back to 1964 when Donnelly existed as a printing publishing company. Since 2016, DFIN has been listed as an independent provider of various software products.

Donnelly VDR focuses its services on medium to large companies, usually in the financial industry. The data room makes sure that financial transactions like IPOs, MIAs, and SPACs take place at an accelerated, simplified, and efficient pace. Customers of this VDR provider benefit in many ways, as the program guarantees easy customization, automatic on-demand reporting, and contract analytics to make due diligence faster.  

For large businesses, there is the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, with monitoring and a dedicated dashboard for review.

Donnelly – financial services data room main features

Donnelly’s data room has a set of tools that can provide a plethora of benefits, especially in financial matters. Below we highlight the main features of the space and their characteristics.

  • Security

As one of the leading providers, Donnelly VDR takes great care of your security. That’s why it stores your data in more than one data center. It also uses backups to keep your data intact at all times and has three top international security certifications. It protects your space from unauthorized entry with dual authentication.

  • Availability

Unfortunately, Donnelly VDR has no deployment option and can only be accessed through a browser. However, it does use desktop synchronization so that you only have up-to-date versions of documents on hand at all times, automatic indexing when documents are downloaded, downloading and retrieving archives, and filtering by parameters, which will make your use of the program much easier.

  • Document protection and user management

VDR provides itemized access to documents for users. You can decide for yourself what actions this or that user can do with any document. You can disable copying, printing, forwarding, and downloading. Donnelly also uses encryption at rest, watermarks as leak protection, and remote document destruction. Deny access to a document even if it has already been downloaded to a third-party device. A view of the fence will quickly help identify a rogue user in the space.

  • Collaboration features

Donnelly VDR has an advanced Q&A module, so you can clarify any ambiguities with this feature. Also, users will always stay up-to-date on VDR updates because they will receive an automatic email notification right away.

  • Customizing

The interface of the program is easily customizable and can be re-designed to fit your company’s brand. VDR also uses single sign-on integration and a custom domain.


The vendor has a payment model for each feature and does not publicly disclose its pricing. This type of pricing can be a bit tricky for customers who don’t know exactly what features they want from VDR. If you want to use Donnelly you need to understand your needs.